League Rules

Rules of Play for All Divisions

Rules of Play for All Divisions

1-1 Rules

Rules of play will be based on the NFHS rules. In addition, the following rules will be used in league and post season play.

1-2 Field Layout

For details on field layout including recommended direction of play, fair and foul territory requirements, infield and outfield grades, pitcher's mound height and slope, batter's and catcher's box dimensions, and base and home plate size and construction can be found in the Official Rules of Baseball as published by NFHS.

1-3 Cleats

No metal cleats will be allowed in any age or division under age of 13U. No player will be allowed to play in a game with metal cleats. Any team who does not have enough players to play will forfeit their game and it will not be rescheduled. Any player found playing in metal cleats will be removed from the game for the remainder of the game. No metal cleats should be worn on any temporary pitching mound at any park. 

1-4 Protective Equipment

The catcher shall wear all appropriate protective gear including a catcher’s helmet with face mask and either a built in extended throat guard or a separately attached throat guard, chest protector, shin and / or leg guards, and protective cup. The protective cup is required for any player male or female. In age divisions T-Ball – 13U, the catcher’s helmet shall fully cover both ears.

1-5 Game Timing

Time Limit

8U-18U - 1:40 No New Inning in all divisions

Games played on fields with no lights can be adjusted by hosting league.

Inning Limits

Age Division

Max Innings

7U-12U 6 Innings
13U-18U 7 Innings




Weather Delays

Any game that has played 3 innings or 60 minutes will be considered a complete game. If games are delayed prior to these outlined parameters, those games can be rescheduled later in the year if field space is available.

1-6 Run Rules

Single A Divisions

Age Divisions Runs/Half Inning
7U-10U 6 runs
11U-15U 7 Runs
18U No Limit





AAA Divisions

Age Divisions Runs/Half Inning
7U-8U 6 Runs
9U 8 Runs
10U-14U No Limit






This applies to all innings, including the final inning of any game. The max runs in any inning are listed above. In the event during the final offensive play of any inning when multiple runs score after the max those runs are not counted in the official score.

1-7 Mercy Rule

If any team is leading by at least 15 runs at the end of 3 innings or 10 runs at the end of 4 or more complete innings the game will be declared complete and the team with the lead will be declared the winner.

1-8 Game Start Roster Requirements

Games will start as long as each team has a minimum of 7 players. When players arrive, they will be added to the end of the batting order. If a team has less than 9 players and the batting position that is missing a player, the opposing team has the option to take the automatic out or allow to skip the batting position with no out taken. If a player is injured during the game and is not able to make a plate appearance there will be no out taken, and the batter will be skipped. 

1-9 Ties

Regular season games and pool play games can end in ties. In the event the time has run out and the game is tied at the end of that completed inning the game is over.

1-10 Malicious Contact

No Malicious contact - If a runner attempting to reach home plate or any other base intentionally and maliciously runs into a defensive player in the area of home plate or any other base, he will be called out and ejected from the game. 

1-11 Protested Games

Umpire judgment calls cannot and will not be protested.

If there is a misapplication of a rule by an umpire there is an option for a protest. During the game the head coach will need to inform the umpire that he/she would like to protest the game. The score keeper and the umpire should track the time and point of the game in that the protest has been made. Play of the game will be resumed and the game will be completed as normal. The protest will need to be filed with the hosting league president within 12 hours of the end of the game and submitted with the form on the WBL Protest page. The protest will require the rule that was applied in error and why the coach believed it was applied incorrect. The league president should have a review process with his rules committee and provide a ruling on the protest within 7 days of the game. If the game has an impact on the end of season results the league president has the option to replay the game from the point of the protest and finish the game. If there is no impact on standings the game will not be replayed. 

1-12 Coach/Player/Fan Misconduct

Any participant using inappropriate words, actions, or behavior is not acceptable and can be ejected and removed from any park. Upon ejection the parent, player, coach or fan must immediately leave the park. Such actions will also serve a one game suspension upon the teams next game. Presidents may also have the option to require additional penalties at their discretion. If any fan/spectator is removed from the game the head coach for that team will also be removed and serve the given suspension. 

1-13 Playing Time

All players in Single A division and at all ages are to be placed in the batting lineup. There will also be open defensive substitutions and no player shall sit for more than 2 innings in any game. It is also recommended that no player should sit for consecutive innings at any time.  

AAA teams are strongly encouraged to follow these guidelines as well. If a AAA team chooses to bat 9, they much follow the NFHS substitution rules. Playing time for AAA teams is ultimately up to the coaching staff of each team.

1-14 Background Checks

  • Each head coach should have a background check at a minimum
  • Each board member will need to complete a background check
  • Each individual league will responsible for conducting these checks on each of their coaches and board members

1-15 1st and 3rd Pickoff Move

As per NFHS rules, a pitcher may feint a throw to 3rd base and turn in an attempt to throw back to 1st base. See NFHS Rule 6-1, 6-2, 6-3

1-16 Slash Bunting

It is not permitted to slash bunt in any age division up to and including 12U. This is an act by a batter to fake a bunt and then attempt to make a full swing on the same pitch. The runner will be called out and all base runners will return to preciously awarded base. 

1-17 Speed Up Rule

7U-12U may use a speed up runner for catchers only with 2 outs. The runner will be the last recorded out. For 13U-18U speedups runners will be allowed for pitchers and catchers.

1-18 Music

No music should be played or noise makers used by any team at any park at any time.

1-19 Roster Limits

Each team may have no more than 15 players on their roster. No player may be on more than one WBL roster. This applies to A and AAA teams. No more than 4 coaches will be allowed in a dugout during any game. Only 2 coaches are ever allowed outside of the dugout during play.

1-20 Team Eligibility for Age Division

Players are allowed to play up one age divisions on an older team. Teams must have a minimum of 33% of their rostered players in their listed age divisions. For example, to be classified as a 11U team with a roster of 10 players a team must have 4 or more players that have a baseball age of 11. The baseball age for all players will be the age of the player on April 30th of the playing year. Players are only allowed to play up one age group based on their date of birth.

1-21 Pitching Rules

Check the Pitching Rules tab for pitch count and rest rules.

No pitcher is allowed to pitch in 3 consecutive days.

1-22 Bat Rules

Check the Bat Rules tab for all bat rules.

Note that BBCOR bats are always allowed at younger age groups.

Any bat that has been Withdrawn/Disallowed will no longer be permitted for use on any league or post season game. We will use the list provided by USSSA baseball https://www.usssa.com/baseball/baseball-withdrawn-andor-non-compliant-baseball-bat-models.

1-23 14U Grade Level Exception

For the 14U division only, there will be a grade level exception. Players that turn 15 on or before April 30th of the current season but are still in 8th grade will be allowed to play 14U.

Any 14U players on your team’s roster that fall under the 14U Grade Level Exception will need to fill out the online 14U Grade Level Exception Form (Birth Certificate and School Report Card are required). No 14U Grade Level Exception player will be allowed to play in any WBL event until they have been approved by the WBL.

1-24 AAA Tournament Player Eligibility

Only officially rostered players who have played 50% of their team's scheduled league games will be eligible for tournament play.

1-25 Pregame In & Out and Infield Use

Teams will not be allowed to warm up on the infield prior to games, including pitchers and catchers. This includes running a full in and out. Teams must make use of foul territory and the outfield on their side of the field.

Age Division Specific Rules

Age Division Specific Rules

2-1 7U Division

  • 7U special live ball ruling
  • No stealing bases in any situation including past balls or overthrows
    • Once ball touches the infield the runner may only advance to the next available/open base. The ball will remain live and an attempt on a runner can result in an out.
  • Pitcher must remain behind the pitching machine prior to pitch being hit.
  • 5 pitch max - Batter is out after 5th pitch is thrown. An at bat may be extended if the 5th pitch results in a foul ball. There will be no walks.
  • 7U teams will use 4 outfielders.
  • Team must start a game with a minimum of 7 players at game time.
  • Coaches are allowed on the field during defense but must remain behind the outfield players.
  • Defense will be allowed only one team conference per inning.

2-2 7U AAA Division

  • Pitching machine will be used for all innings. No pitching will take place. Teams are encouraged to work on pitching during practice.
  • 1:10 no new inning
  • 6 innings max per game
  • 6 runs max per half inning in all innings
  • Pitching machine should be placed at approximately 40 feet from home or just in front of the pitching mound on a field with a 40 foot mound.

2-3 7U Single A

All leagues decide what level of pitching/pitching machine will be used in local league play. For crossover games played at the end of the year we will use all innings on pitching machine.

2-4 60 Foot Base Running Rule

When a pitcher is in contact with the pitcher’s plate and in possession of the ball and the catcher is in the catcher’s box ready to receive delivery of the ball, base runners shall not leave their bases until the ball has been delivered and has reached home plate.

  • Once the catcher has secured the ball and the runner has stopped his forward progress, the runner must immediately return to the base.
  • The ball remains live and should the catcher make an errant throw to the pitcher or make a play on the runner, the runner can then attempt to advance.

The violation by one runner shall affect all other runners.

  1. The base runner leaves the base before the pitched ball has reached home plate and the batter does not hit the ball, the runner is permitted to continue
    • If a play is made on the runner and the runner is out, the out stands.
    • If said runner reaches safely the base to which he is advancing, all runners must be returned to the base occupied before the pitch was made, and no out results.
  2. When any base runner leaves the base before the pitched ball has reached home plate and the batter bunts or hits a ball within the infield, no run shall be allowed to score
    • If three runners were on the bases and the batter reaches first base safely, each runner shall advance to the base beyond the one they occupied at the start of the play except the runner who occupied third base, which runner shall be removed from the base without a run being scored. NOTE: See exception following the rules.
  3. When a base runner leaves the base before the pitched ball has reached home plate and the batter hits the ball to the outfield, the base runner or runners are permitted to continue
    • If a play is made and the runner or runners are put out, the out or outs will stand.
    • If not put out, the runner or runners must return to the original base or bases or to the unoccupied base nearest the one left.
    • In no event shall the batter advance beyond first base on a single or error, second base on a double or third base on a triple.
    • The umpire-in-chief shall determine the base value of the hit ball.

NOTE: When there is a base running violation, the umpire should signal such infraction by indicating a delayed dead ball.

EXCEPTION: If at the conclusion of the play there is an open base, paragraphs (a) and (b) will apply.

2-5 8U Single A Special Base Running Rules

No stealing home on a passed ball or overthrow to pitcher prior to the first full week in May. Any attempt on a runner is a live play and runners may advance to any base including home. Starting with the first full week of May stealing home will be allowed.

2-6 Minor (10U) Single A

No lead off / No drop 3rd strike

2-7 9U AAA

Dropped 3rd strike will be played

2-8 10U AAA

  • This division will have 65-foot bases
  • Leadoffs are allowed
  • Dropped 3rd strike is enforced
  • Balks will be enforced from start of season

2-9 Major (12U) Single A

  • Lead offs are allowed
  • Dropped 3rd strike is live
  • Balks will be called but runners will not advance on the first offense during any game prior to the first full week of May. One warring may be given to each pitcher

2-10 13U, 15U & 18U Single A Draft Rules

  • 13U & 15U teams are to be formed via a standard draft process to be determined by each individual league.
  • 18U teams can be formed by the following means:
    • Draft organized by each individual league
    • Formation by coaches/players and brought to a league as a pre-formed team
    • A combination of the previous two options

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