Pitching Rules

Age Division Daily Max 0 Days Rest 1 Days Rest 2 Days Rest
7U 50 1-19 20-35 36+
PeeWee 7/8 50 1-19 20-35 36+
Minor 9/10 65 1-29 30-45 46+
Major 11/12 75 1-34 35-55 56+
13U 80 1-44 45-59 60+
14/15 95 1-49 50-65 66+
16/18 95 1-49 50-65 66+

No pitcher is allowed to pitch in 3 consecutive days.

A day is a day, not 24 hours. If a pitcher throws on Monday and is required one day of rest they are not eligible to pitch again until Wednesday.

Pitcher Re-entry

As per NFHS rules, a player may be removed as pitcher and returned as pitcher only once per inning, provided the return as pitcher does not violate either the pitching, substitution or charged conference rule. 

Defensive Conference

As per NFHS rules, each team, when on defense, may be granted not more than three charged conferences during a seven-inning game, without penalty, to permit coaches or their non-playing representatives to confer with a defensive player or players. In an extra inning game, each team shall be permitted one charged conference each inning while on defense without penalty. The number of charged conferences permitted is not cumulative. A request for time for this purpose shall be made by a coach, player, substitute or an attendant. Time granted for an obviously incapacitated player shall not constitute a charged conference. Prior to accumulating three charged conferences in seven innings or less, a conference is not charged if the pitcher is removed as pitcher.

PENALTY: After three charged conferences in a seven-inning game, or for any charged conference in excess of one in each extra inning, the pitcher shall be removed as pitcher for duration of the game.